Case Studies

Below are a number of examples or case studies that describe the the various ways in which interactive digital TV is currently being used for learning purposes across the World.

"Learning" - should be considered in its widest sense as some examples are more "informational" in nature and other examples are really what could be best described as "edutainment" (entertainment and education). However, there are some examples of ways of assisting more formalised learning in the form of revision exercises. There are also some interesting leisure learning examples.

The use of interactive digital TV for increasing learning opportunities in the home is still at a very  immature stage of development. However, some of these examples do illustrate some possible ways of offering more  active and engaged ways of learning - but are dependent on the roll out of services that can provide access and distribute the learning opportunities.

The t-learning Study is analysing  developments and will produce a consultation paper towards the end of November 2002.  If you would like to receive a free copy of this paper please complete our on-line survey on "Learning Opportunities in the Home".

We are also very keen to receive over examples of the use of interactive digital TV from all over the World. If you know of any examples please contact us.

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Last updated 30 April 2004