t-learning Developments

For more than twelve years pjb Associates has been monitoring, analysing and advising policy and decision makers on strategic issues concerning the potential of using interactive TV and broadband TV for increasing learning opportunities in the home.

During 2003 pjb Associates completed a major global study called the t-learning study. This was funded by the European Commission. The full final report of this t-learning study is now available or you can read the key highlights or the press release.

The study was conducted because it is considered that the penetration of internet enabled PCs in European households appears to be levelling out at around 40-60 %. As the penetration of TVs is already around 95-99% "t-learning" - that is learning through interactive digital TV and other related consumer-like devices is starting emerge as potentially an important medium for creating new opportunities for learning in the home.

pjb Associates has a well established track record of monitoring these developments. During 1999 we completed a study for the European Commission Interactive TV learning services to the European home - study. The t-learning study is a follow-up to this study.

As part of the t-learning study a number of case studies and future scenarios were produced. Online resources were also collated and a regular newsclip service operated. There are also links to other useful newsletters and journals as well as links to other organisations.

During 2002 the Learning and Skills Development Agency also commissioned pjb Associates to conduct a study on learning with Interactive TV. This has resulted in a publication Interactive TV: A learning platform with potential.

Also during 2003 the Learning and Skills Development Agency commissioned pjb Associates to assist them conduct a study for the Learning and Skills Council on the potential of using interactive TV for addressing basic skills needs.

During 2004 pjb Associates is continuing to monitor and analyse developments in order to offer advice and make recommendations as to ways forward for those in education and training and the suppliers and providers of interactive TV and Broadband TV. We now have a new newsclip service. (Archived Newsclips still available).

If any organisation is interested in using our consultancy services to help them better understand the potential opportunities of using interactive TV and broadband TV for increasing learning opportunities contact Peter Bates at pjb@pjb.co.uk.


Last updated 20 January 2011