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An online resource and news portal supporting the convergence of the PC and CE (consumer electronics) Industries.

TV Anytime Forum

The TV Anytime Forum is an association of organisations which seeks to develop specifications to enable audio-visual and other services based on mass-market high volume digital storage.

(UK) amassmedia

Formed by the ex-Razorfish Future TV group. Existing collaborations include creating digital text services across Channel 4 brands, re-designing DIRECTV’s entire on-air identity and launching Italy’s first VOD service with Rai.Click.

(UK) Channelbay

An Interactive TV agency based in the UK and US and Hong Kong specialising in iTV marketing strategy, creative and production for major brands and broadcaster's.

(UK) Codecell

A new iTV agency working with Two Way TV and the BBC.

(UK) Connect

Specialists in publishing and application design for iTV and the Internet.

(UK) Digital television website - UK Government

(UK) DfES - Wired up Communities

Assessing how individual access to the Internet can transform opportunities for people living in the most disadvantaged communities.

(UK) Di3 Digital Impact

Develop innovative software and provide end-to-end solutions and consultancy for interactive TV and digital multi media.

(UK) Digital Cable TV

NTL Interactive TV Developers' Site.

(UK) Education and training channel

The UK's only Television Learning Channel, broadcasting courses and business features at home and work.

(UK) The eLearning Place

An e-learning infrastructure that facilitates the creation and support of e-learning by a content management system, forums and chat.

(UK) Enteraction TV

Britain’s leading brand channel specialists – providing an end-to-end solution for new market entrants in digital television including consultancy, production, design, distribution and management. The company also works with broadcasters, internet based services and brands to provide content and solutions via broadband web or corporate intranets.

(UK) Ericsson Project: From e-learning to m-learning

Project that aims to set in place the first building block for the next generation of learning: the move from distance learning (d-Learning) and electronic learning (e-Learning) to mobile learning (m-Learning

(UK) European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

The EBU is the largest professional association of national broadcasters in the world with 70 active members in 51 countries of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and 46 associate members in 29 countries further afield. Activities include operation of the Eurovision and Euroradio networks, coordination of news and sports programming, promotion of technical standardisation, legal advice, and the defence of public service broadcasting.

(UK) Farncombe Technology Ltd

Provide technical project management and consultancy services covering all aspects of DTV, broadband and convergence to the broadcast and telecommunications industries.


Freeview is a new, simple way of getting a wide choice of channels through your existing TV from October 30th. You can get up to 30 free digital TV and radio channels plus a new whole world of interactive services.

(UK) Go Digital Project

The Go Digital Project contributes to Digital TV switchover decision-making, by researching the practical and social issues involved in homes converting to all digital TV reception.

(UK) Knowsley Interactive Community Television

Merseyside based iTV Local Community Television service

(UK) Mediation

Lessons in Learning from the Cambridge Interactive TV Trial

(UK) Source UK

Interactive DTV Public Sector Forum

(UK) TechLearn

An advice and support service for the use of new and emerging technologies for teaching and learning. They are holding a conference in London on June 27th and 28th on the topic of ubiquitous computing in education.

(UK) Tele2

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider

(UK) TV Compass

Downloadable PDA software that turns your Palm into a remote control and program guide for your TV (Sky Digibox)

(UK) The UK's first independent Freeview receiver site

(Austria) Van Gogh TV

Involved in various multimedia iTV projects


Interactive Television Research Institute, Australia

(Canada) Extend Media

Canadian iTV developer


Specialists in technologies linked to digital television and a partner of famous audio-visual groups and satellite operators.

(Germany) ITV-Content 

A German Knowledge Archive and iTV Community

(Germany) 16:9

Broadband design Agency

(Germany) Active-Film

Produce interactive commercials and cross media content

(Germany) e-Kabel

Cable company 

(Germany) Forschungskanal

Participate in Research into Interactive TV

(Germany) Gold Media

A specialist iTV Consulting Agency 

(Germany) Infomatec

Provide Sync Technologie for TV and internet

(Germany) iTV Content

The Internet platform for iTV content developers

(Germany) Kabel NRW

Cable company 

(Germany) Metabox AG

Producers of the Metabox AG set-top box and content.

(Germany) Primacom

Cable company 

(Germany) SCIP

Software developer for interactive TV

(Spain) Fresh-IT

Spanish iTV developer working closely with Canal Satelite, Quiero and others.

(Sweden) ActiveTV

A leading developer of iTV services in Scandinavia.

(Sweden) Cell iTV

Stockholm based iTV developer responsible for eTV portal on Senda's DTT platform. Significant "Consulting" capability through its parent company Cell Consulting.

(US) Advanced Television Enhancement Forum (ATVEF)

iTV Organisation

(US) Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)

iTV Organisation

(US) AT&T Learning Networks

Cable-delivered technologies - quality education programming and high-speed Internet access - are helping teachers address a range of learning styles and helping them keep their own subject-area knowledge up-to-date.

(US) Cable & Television Association for Marketing (CTAM)

iTV Organisation

(US) DigitalCurriculum

Curriculum Video-On-Demand Designed by Educators for Educators

(US) Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)

An industry-led consortium of over 300 broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers, regulatory bodies and others in over 35 countries committed to designing global standards for the delivery of digital television and data services.

(US) DSL Forum

A consortium of nearly 250 leading industry players covering telecommunications, equipment, computing, networking and service provider companies.


Offers enabling infrastructure for the delivery of new television services to digital cable subscribers. The ICTV HeadendWareT platform provides the most capital efficient approach for operators to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Strategic partners include ACTV, Adelphia, Liberty Media, Motorola, OpenTV, Shaw Communications, TV Guide, Cox Communications and Lauder Partners.

(US) Learning Federation

Research into educational developments including interactive learning tools, decision support mechanisms, and simulations

(US) Liberate

Liberate have created a popular partner program for interactive television, PopTV.

(US) The Interactive Television Research Project

Their mission is to study the current and future impacts of emerging iTV technologies on the world thereby enabling students to shape the interactive media of the future.

(US) Interactive TV Directory

The Online ITV Dictionary

(US) InterVideo

A provider of DVD software and offers a broad suite of advanced digital video and audio multimedia software products that allow users to record, edit, author, distribute and play digital multimedia content on PCs and consumer electronics devices.

(US) iVAST an end-to-end MPEG-4 solutions

iVAST specialises in end-to-end MPEG-4 solutions, with their iVAST MPEG-4 Platform. A suite of software products, it enables the creation, delivery and presentation of interactive and enhanced rich media experiences for entertainment, enterprise, education and related markets.

(US) Media-Visions

A free educational web magazine featuring Articles, Essays and Interviews by Ken Freed

(US) MHP (Multimedia home Platform)

A site dedicated to information on MHP

(US) Microsoft TV


Designers of digital TV application that allows cable and satellite operators to customise their content. 


Developers of Interactive TV programs, which encourage the viewer to choose different paths throughout a story

(US) OpenCable

(US) OpenTV


An excellent resource for digital TV and iTV information and news

(US) Ultimate TV

Digital Video Recorder from Microsoft

(Europe) European Search Engine

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