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24 September 2001

Korea to get iTV

SK C & C group expects to launch an initiative next year to deploy television services throughout Korea using IP video technology. The service will use IP video to distribute broadcast, on-demand TV programming and interactive applications. (see article)

18 September 2001

Philips uses Microsoft software in Next-Gen set top boxes

Philips Digital Networks have joined forces with Microsoft Corp, producer of Microsoft TV, announce the availability of their next-generation advanced iTV cable set-top box solution. The combined solution, based on Philips’ Nexperia™ Digital Video Platform (DVP) and the Microsoft TV Advanced software platform, allows the deployment of a wide range of quick and easy interactive television services and applications. It also offers the ability to download new applications and upgrades seamlessly over the network. (see press release)(see article)

TV SMS and chat service launched

Interactive television company OpenTV has launched a Short Message Service (SMS) and OpenTV Chat. These new applications are designed to generate new sources of revenue for operators using interactive services. The SMS service allows users to send messages to any SMS-enabled mobile phone on a pay per use basis, while broadcasters can send out pre-set messages including sports results or TV schedules.(see article)

13 September 2001

BSkyB gets Broadband Licence

BSkyB has obtained a regulatory license to provide to offer 'a full range of multi-channel television and related services in all parts of the United Kingdom.' The Independent Television Commission (ITC) says that BSkyB is proposing to offer services over U.K broadband and cable networks. (see press release)(see article)

10 September 2001

Promising results from Wish TV education programme

WorldGate, leading iTV solutions provider announced promising results from research measuring the impact of WISH TV on students, parents, and teachers during its first school semester. The findings concluded that WISH TV is a tool that empowers at-risk students with more confidence, improves motivation and class participation, and significantly increases the involvement of parents in the educational process of their children. (see press release)

3 Major CD-ROM Developers join Microsoft TV

European CD-Rom developers Montparnasse multimedia, Galilea Multimedia and Interactive Television Entertainment ApS (ITE) have joined the Microsoft TV Developer Program and are adapting some of their best-selling titles for interactive TV. (see press release)

5 September 2001

Disney & News Corp. launch movies-on-demand

The venture, called, is expected to launch in early 2002 in the U.S and will be available to consumers with enhanced cable systems with on-demand capabilities as well as all forms of broadband Internet access.The service will feature live-action films and other content from Walt Disney Studios, including its Miramax Film division, Twentieth Century Fox and others. (see adweek article), (see Iwon article)

3 September 2001

DirecTV targets schools

DIRECTV has launched a public service initiative to provide educational institutions around the USA with free interactive channels. Teachers will allow teachers to record educational programming, edit the content and replay it later to fit into their curriculum. (see article)

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