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18 May 2001

Sony puts digital TV recording in a PC

Sony, the electronics giant which already makes a PVR set-top box for TiVo, joins a growing number of companies that are starting to bundle digital video recording features with their products. In announcing the PCV-RX490TV Vaio computer on Thursday, Sony claims it is the only PC maker to offer U.S. consumers a computer that comes pre-packaged with TV and PVR features. (see full article)

Portugal’s TV Cabo gears up to start an interactive-television service with Microsoft support

TV Cabo, a unit of Portugal Telecom SA, will be the first cable company in the world to start a service running Microsoft’s TV Advanced software (MSNBC is a Microsoft-NBC joint venture). TV Advanced, which let television operators offer interactive services such as shopping and banking, was supposed to make its debut on United Pan-Europe Communications NV’s cable network last autumn. But Microsoft couldn’t complete the software in time, and UPC is still testing it, along with a rival system from Liberate Technologies of San Carlos, California. (see full article) (see Microsoft press release)

17 May 2001

Europe/USA/ Datamonitor forecasts interactive TV growth

The market for online games and interactive TV (iTV) games in Europe and the US will grow tremendously over the next few years according to two new reports just released by Datamonitor. (see press release)

Telewest and Sony are claiming a first in the online gaming sector

Telewest, the broadband communications group, and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have announced an agreement to combine Telewest's broadband network with Sony's Playstation®2. Together they will be trialling Europe's first broadband connection with a computer entertainment system.

The collaboration will enable consumers potentially to sample a very broad range of services, from games and playable level downloads, to applications such as lifestyle and gaming editorial content. All forms of on-line game activity will be explored including pay per play and high quality multi-player on-line gaming. (see press release)

IBM Set-top Chip to Support Linux

It appears that IBM has said that that its PowerPC-based set-top box controllers will support Linux and outlined its next generation of set-top platform will support interactive television services as well as Internet access (see article)

16 May 2001

Sony to include RealPlayer on PlayStation 2

Sony and RealNetworks announced a strategic alliance to embed  RealPlayer  8 and other RealNetworks client technologies on Sony's PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.. This integration will enable the more than 10 million users of PlayStation 2 to enjoy their favorite Internet media, including sports, breaking news and entertainment, through RealPlayer. (see press release)

In addition Macromedia and Sony have announced their partnership to bring the Macromedia Flash Player to the Sony PlayStation 2 (see press release)

Sony have also announced that that a network adapter for the PlayStation 2 that combines high-speed Ethernet connection with a V90 analog modem that will allow consumers network access and connection to multiple devices in the home through PlayStation 2 at the same time. By connecting to a broadband network such as CATV and DSL through Ethernet, PlayStation 2 can also be connected to analog telephone lines. These capabilities allow for immediate access to online games available to a wide audience on PlayStation 2.

7 May 2001

VOD in Netherlands

Dutch group KPN Telecom NV are testing technology that would allow it to offer interactive TV, video on demand (VoD) and games to consumers along with its high-speed Internet service. (see article)

4 May 2001

BSkyB set to pull plug on ailing Open

According to various news articles BkyB is set to set to dismantle Open following heavy losses at the interactive home shopping service. Reports suggest Open will be integrated with BSkyB's new media operations. (See articles This is Money, The Times, FT)

MSc in Digital Television Management and Production

The University of Brighton in the UK are planning to offer an MSc in Digital Television Management and Production. They claim it will will be highly relevant to the needs of the new digital and interactive television industry. To ensure this, they are currently carrying out a survey of the skills and training needs of DTV companies.  (further details)

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