Creating a Personal World
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a thinkpiece from pjb Associates

Time is becoming increasingly important for many people in a world that increasingly gives them access to vast amounts of information and entertainment via the Internet, radio, cable and satellite TV and through their mobile devices. Various software aggregation tools and search engines are now widely available through the web to assist people find what is of interest to them – but currently they are hardly saving people time. In many instances it can take more time to decide what is wanted compared to when there were more limited choices.

With the development of interactive TV the television is now no longer used passively. Over the next five years personalised TV will emerge as the dominate mode of operation driven by IPTV developments that will enable video-rich content to be accessed from the Internet onto the TV.

The mobile phone is already a personal device that is taken almost everywhere by an individual. It is not only used for telephone calls and SMS messaging but increasingly for accessing music, video streams, the web and within the next eighteen months live broadcast TV.

People operate within multiple and sometimes overlapping “communities of interest” that change over time throughout their lives. Some “communities of interest” may only last a few hours, others a few weeks and some a lifetime. They can be related to work, studies leisure, interests and family life. Each of these “communities of interest” needs to be feed with a wide variety of sources of information and knowledge that is often media-rich. They often involve a wide variety of different relationships with other people. This rich environment that many people are exposed to also creates increasing pressures on people’s time. Ways need to be found to reduce the number of “non-productive interactions” and increase the number of “productive interactions”.

Increasing the number of “productive interactions” is also vital for companies selling products and services and for advertisers promoting them. Personalised advertising is something that advertising agencies have yet to fully address.


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Last updated 13 January 2009