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pjb Associates aims to assist in the creation of a world where individuals have access to engaging media rich information, entertainment and learning resources suitable for their needs at any time and in any place through appropriate technologies in the home and on the move.

We are focusing on activities that can assist in the development of sustainable and replicable services funded either through commercial, public sector or public-private partnerships.

We are aiming to create incremental and paradigm changes by encouraging and stimulating development into: -

    Personalisation and Personalised TV

    Exploiting the Long Tail - Communities of Interest

    Use & social impact of Podcasting, Wikis, Blogging & RSS

    Personalised Advertising

                Behavioural Targeting


                Creating time-saving information-rich environments


                Bridging the Digital Divide


                Delivering  Public sector Services through Broadband

    Impact of such developments for creating learning opportunities 

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Last updated 28 June 2007