New Perspectives for Learning

Ongoing Education and Training Projects

These Projects have been funded under the Key Action “Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge Base” of the Fifth Framework Programme. Details of related policy-informing conferences and workshops are also available.


bp44 Education & Training for Governance & Active Citizenship in Europe (now finished)
bp45 Gender and Qualification (now finished)
bp46 The Education of the Gypsy Childhood in Europe (now finished)
bp47 Organisational Learning in the Chemical Industry (now finished)
bp48 Children In Communication About Migration (now finished)
bp49 The role of language in the mobilisation of ethnic and migrant minorities
bp50 Students as "Journeymen" between communities of Higher Education and Work
bp51 The role of participation and informal learning in the transition of young people to the labour market (now finished)
bp52 The Impact of Women's Studies Training on Women's Employment in Europe (now finished)
bp53 Legal Framework of New Governance and Modern Policy in Education throughout Europe (updated June 2004)
bp54 Work Identities in Europe (now finished)
bp55 Participation in Continuing Vocational education and training: a need for a sustainable employability
bp56 Challenges for education and training policies arising from the European integration and enlargement
bp57 Higher education reform network: a collaborative partnership to explore, disseminate and advise on the university of tomorrow
bp58 The Creation of new occupational patterns for cultural minorities: The Gypsy Case (now finished)
bp59 Education and Wage Inequality in Europe
bp60 Higher Education Institutions' Responses to Europeanisation, Internationalisation and Globalisation. Developing International Activities in a Multi-Level Policy Context (updated October 2004)
bp61 Dual Citizenship, Governance and Education: A Challenge to the European Nation-State
bp62 Learning in Partnership: Responding to the Restructuring of the European Steel and Metal Industry
bp63 Changes in regulation modes and social production of inequalities in education systems (updated September 2004)

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