Completed Projects

IPTV Technology Platform for a Production Company

pjb Associates has successfully assisted a London-based production company identify an appropriate partner company to supply a technology platform for the development of a global broadband Internet IPTV service. The requirement was the delivery of new special interest "TV" programmes probably through a subscription service.

Development of an IPTV-based Business TV Channel

Assisting a web-based online Business TV Channel to also offer some of its content and develop its services on a IPTV/Broadband TV environment. This involves identifying suitable IPTV service providers and developing appropriate sustainable business models. The channel delivers online distilled, accelerated learning and development in the business sector through a range of video, audio and text based content – that is added to on an ongoing week-by-week basis. This includes the wisdom and experience of global and UK business leaders condensed into short 3 to 10 minute filmed lessons that offer inspiration, motivation and practical insight across the whole range of business challenges and disciplines. The company is working with over 100 global business guru’s and successful entrepreneurs to document their key learning experiences, thus creating a digital library containing over 200 interviews covering a wide range of business areas – each delivering valuable lessons and practical learning points.

A Roadmap for the development of Personalised TV-based Services

Recently completed is a study that offers a roadmap for the development of Personalised TV-based Services. As telecom companies and other companies providing broadband internet services are increasingly looking towards developing new services to the home, that utilise a broadband connection, other than just providing fast access to the Internet. They are being driven by needs to maintain and increase their revenues. IPTV or Broadband TV through video-on-demand and other interactive services to the TV are now technically possible and many services are emerging throughout the world. However, business models for making such services sustainable and profitable are still being worked out. The study describes the issues that need to be addressed by telecom and broadband service providers when developing a business plan for such services and draws a roadmap that could lead to the development of sustainable and profitable personalised TV-based services in the home.

t-learning study

This was a major global study into the potential of using interactive and broadband TV for increasing learning opportunities in the home. (see t-learning study).

MOBilearn Newsletter

pjb Associates assisted in dissemination activities and edits the MOBilearn Newsletter for the MOBilearn Project. The MOBIlearn Project is a worldwide European-led research and development project exploring context-sensitive approaches to informal, problem-based and workplace learning by using key advances in mobile technologies.

Futures for Learning

The "Futures for Learning" initiative started by pjb Associates is now incorporated with our current focus around personalisation and personalised TV. We believe that there are many new opportunities emerging, particularly, but not exclusively, using various new technologies that will widen participation to learning and increase access to immersive learning experiences, sometimes on demand, in a wide variety of situations.

New Perspectives for Learning

pjb Associates has a three and a half year contract with the EC DG Research to produce for policy and decision makers briefing papers and newsletters reporting some of the key conclusions and recommendations of research projects and thematic networks funded under the European Union’s “Targeted Socio-Economic Research” (TSER) Programme of the Fourth EU Framework Programme (1994-1998) and ongoing research supported by the Key Action “Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge Base” – of the Fifth EU Framework Programme (1999-2002). Further details.

Avatars for e-learning

pjb Associates has had a long standing contract with Avatar-Me - a London-based company to assist in the project management for five EU-supported projects one of which is aiming to develop a synchronous learning environment using Avatars - INVITE. The other projects include Avatar Conference, Fashion-Me, Magicster, et-Cluster and VIPAdvisor

The e-learning Research Centre

pjb Associates has provided interim project management for the establishment of The e-learning Research Centre which was established in October 2003 as a joint venture between UK eUniversities Worldwide Ltd (UKeU) and the Universities of Manchester and Southampton. It is funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. The e-Learning Research Centre has the aim of becoming a leading, international centre of excellence focussing on research into eLearning within the Higher Education sector.

Interactive TV and Basic Skills

Also during 2003 the Learning and Skills Development Agency commissioned pjb Associates to assist them conduct a study for the Learning and Skills Council on the potential of using interactive TV for addressing basic skills needs.

t-learning Study

During 1999 pjb Associates completed a study for the European Commission on Interactive TV learning services to the European home - study  As a follow-up to this study we completed in 2003 a major global study called the t-learning study. This was funded by the European Commission. The full final report of this t-learning study is now available or you can read the key highlights or the press release.

Market Towns Learning Network

pjb Associates has conducted evaluation of an online community of learning for policy and decision makers aimed at sharing experiences for the regeneration of market towns in England. This was a Countryside Agency Initiative in 2002. Further details.

Interactive TV and Lifelong Learning

During 2002 the Learning and Skills Development Agency commissioned pjb Associates to conduct a study on learning with Interactive TV. This has resulted in a publication Interactive TV: A learning platform with potential in 2003.

Evaluation and Review of Ten-Telecom Projects

Peter Bates of pjb Associates has been an evaluator and review of education and training projects under the EC Ten-Telecom Programme (now known as the eTEN Programme)

Learndirect Regional Hub

pjb Associates has provided interim management of the development stage of the Kent and Medway Learndirect regional hub for The Individual Learning Company Ltd.

Learning assistants for Lifelong Learning

pjb Associates has conducted some background research for a UK-based company into the skills, competences and needs of learning assistants for all aspects of lifelong learning.

Business Plan for the GENESIS Project

pjb Associates has contributed to the business plan of the GENESIS Project under a contract with one of the partners, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.  The services being developed by the project consisted of multimedia learning resources delivered by high speed (broadband) access to the Internet utilising direct to PC by satellite technology.

e-tools for a future UK e-university

We worked with the Matic-Media, UK to carry out an up-to-date survey of the range of e-tools (online managed learning environments) which could be available for a future UK e-university. This work assisted the development of what has now become UK eUniversities Worldwide Ltd (UKeU). Backed by the UK Government with 55m funding, has been established to deliver online and worldwide the best degrees and degree-level learning that UK universities can provide.

Upgrade2000 Project - using interactive digital TV for basic skills

Peter Bates of pjb Associates has recently been involved in the Upgrade2000 project that has attempted to find ways of using interactive digital TV to meet the needs of the 8 million people in the UK with basic skills. He has completed a report that will contribute to the final report of the Upgrade2000 Project on the new opportunities for learning via interactive digital TV in the home. It describes the existing barriers for traditional education and training providers who may wish to utilise broadcast digital TV. However, it highlights new opportunities that are emerging in the form of personalised TV.

Costs of Teaching and Learning with Technology

Peter Bates of pjb Associates has doing some work for Sheffield Hallam University, UK Virtual Campus Project on the costs of Teaching and Learning with Technology by attending the first Flashlight Cost Analysis Handbook Workshop in the United States.

Learning Centre Models Study

Under a contract with an English training and enterprise council with pjb Associates has carried out a study that developed a number of learning centre models based in non-traditional learning environments. A key feature of the study is to identify ways in which the learning centres can develop business plans to enable them to be sustainable once initial pump-prime funding stops.

Evaluation of a Community Learning Utility Pilot Project

pjb Associates has completed an evaluation of a pilot project established by an English training and enterprise council. The project involved establishing a number of community learning utilities (CLU) consisting of up to four multimedia computer systems with access to the Internet and with video-conferencing facilities. These CLUs are based in non-traditional learning environments like community centres and housing association buildings.

Research activities for the European Education Partnership

pjb Associates is carrying out a number of ongoing research activities for the European Education Partnership (E.E.P.) and also managed the content of their web site.

TeleLearn project - costing telematics in vocational training and adult education

The TeleLearn project was an observatory for the collection and collation of resources relating to costing issues concerning the introduction of telematic-based lifelong learning into vocational training and adult education.

The project consists of a preparatory stage towards the development of decision-making/costing analysis tools to aid policy makers and managers introduce telematic-based lifelong learning into vocational training and adult education.

The Project is partially funded under the European Commission Leonardo Programme and is being co-ordinated by LearnTel. pjb Associates has a contract with LearnTel.

Ten-Telecom Synergy Study - sustainability

pjb Associates is supplying consultancy services to the Ten-Telecom Programme of the European Commission to create synergy between the five education and training orientated projects of the Ten-Telecom Programme in order to sustain their future development. These projects are:

  • VIRTUE - co-ordinated by Europace 2000
  • PLATO - co-ordinated by Deutsche Telekom
  • WIRE - co-ordinated by EADTU
  • SENECA - co-ordinated by SEMA Group
  • TARGET - co-ordinated by North West Institute (NWIFHE)


For the VOCTADE Project (Development of knowledge in the field of vocational training at a distance in the European Union), under a contract with Distance Education International Ltd, Dublin Ireland, pjb Associates collected information on the numbers of students on distance learning courses in all UK universities.

Multimedia in Education: The transition from Primary School to Secondary School

Under a contract with the European Parliament’s Scientific and Technological Options Assessment Unit (STOA) pjb Associates carry out a study and wrote a report into "Multimedia in Education: The transition from Primary School to Secondary School" Published by STOA, European Parliament 1997.

Telematics for Flexible and Distance Learning (DELTA) - Final Report

Under a contract with the European Commission pjb Associates wrote and produced the "Telematics for Flexible and Distance Learning (DELTA) - Final Report", 1995

Research & Project Management of ICT-related learning

pjb Associates provided interim project management support for research & development activities in the field of information and communication technologies. This was for the Kent Training and Enterprise Council.

Developing Telematics-based Learning Services - the role of SMEs

Under a contract with EuroNet Associates pjb Associates conducted a study and produced a report  "Developing Telematics-based Learning Services - the role of SMEs" for the European Commission DGXIII's - Telematics for Education and Training Sector of the Telematics Application Programme. This study has aimed to identify what are potentially the most effective ways of stimulating the development of telematic-based learning services amongst small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the process of technology and innovation transfer along SME networks.

Information Society: Competitivity and Employment

This report "Information Society: Competitivity and Employment - Final Report 1996" was produced under a contract with STOA Unit of the European Parliament.


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