Learning in a Global Information Society

Issue 16 & 17

25 March 1998


Moving Towards Sustainable Services
by Peter J. Bates, pjb Associates, UK

Lead Article

Enter the Learning Age


CU Online: Implementing a Virtual Campus
by Terri Taylor Straut, formerly of University of Colorado, USA now at the new Western Governors University, USA

Virtual-U: A Web-Based Environment Customised to Support Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Building
by Linda Harasim, Tom Calvert and Chris Groeneboer, TeleLearning Network of Centers of Excellence, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC Canada

Telematics Education and Training in Japan
by Dr R. Grant Tate, Bridgewater Research Group, The Netherlands

Stop Press

Developing Sustainable Telematic-based Learning Services


Re-Engineering the Campus with Web and Related Technology for the Virtual University - Part 2
by Prof. Paul Bacsich, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Building Blocks for the National Grid for Learning
by Nicola Hirst, Research Assistant, pjb Associates, UK

Multimedia Education: The transition from primary to secondary schools
by Peter J. Bates, pjb Associates, UK

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