Moving towards Sustainable Services

by Peter J. Bates,
pjb Associates, UK

This is the last issue of this newsletter in its current format and it is quite fitting that it should finish at the point when we are about to enter the Learning Age. It has been a specialist newsletter with a small distribution for a number of years. It has focused on learning with multimedia telematics from three perspectives: pedagogic issues, technological issues and managerial issues. However, learning in a global information society is now beginning to become a mainstream activity.

Now the time has come for a journal to reflect that change and become a mainstream publication with a world-wide large-scale distribution in order to influence large numbers of people of the opportunities and issues relating to using multimedia telematic systems for learning.

The economics of scale required for doing this means looking towards a commercial publisher, as we need to practice what we preach by becoming a sustainable journal.

Developing sustainable services is the key to developments like "Virtual U" and "CU Online", which are described in this issue. In Europe the European Commission is actively encouraging the development of sustainable telematic-based learning services in its new TEN-Telecom call for proposals (See Stop Press)

So the time has come to say thank you to all our readers and good-bye for now.

Look out for a future development, which will replace this newsletter and will cater for lifelong learning in a global information society.

Issue 16&17 "Learning in a Global Information Society" 25 March 1998