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Interactive TV

A Brief Introduction to Interactive TV for Telcos and Broadband Service Providers 
By Steven C. Hawley, Advanced Media Strategies, April, 2002

The DTMF-TV Telecomputer Model Offers The Most Economical Approach To Interactive TV 
By Jack Thompson

DVB-RCT: a standard for interactive DVB-T 
By Gerard FARIA, Harris Broadcast Communication, France & Fabio SCALISE, ST Microelectronics, Italy

Enabling Technology For Digital Interactive TV
DVB-RCT (Digital Video Broadcasting - Return Channel Terrestrial) solution from Runcom Technologies Ltd.

Web over TV

Web-over-DTV - an Overview 
by Torsten Jaekel Rohde&Schwarz FTK GmbH, Berlin, Germany January 2002

Video on Demand Solutions

Bridging Broadcast And Broadband 
By R. Ollmar & H. Stephansen TANDBERG Television ASA April 2001

Chaos Technology Overview
Chaos Media Networks 2002

Communications Offers Multi-Channel TV Services Over Existing Telephone Network Using ADSL Technology - PixStream
Case Study from Kingston Communications

The Complete Guide To TVoIP 
By Rolf Ollmar and Helge Stephansen, TANDBERG Television 2002

"Deploy IP-Based Video Backhaul for Cable Distribution" Case study from Hargray Communications & Minerva Networks

DSL Speeds Employee Education, Lowers Delivery Costs 
By  Monsong Chen, Ph.D. President InfoValue Computing Inc.

DVRs - Adjust Your Picture?
By Bill Niemeyer

"Integrated Video/Internet Delivery System using Zuma Networks' LightReef Flow Policing" 
By Steve Storozum, Vice President, Business Development, Zuma Networks

VOD Solution via digital cable and via DSL/Cable modem using IP

Going the distance: Distribution powerhouses help telco providers offer multimedia services (Video over DSL) 
By David Pecorella, Product Marketing Manager at Artel Video Systems, Inc.

"Making IP Television a Reality in the Korean Market" - Case study from SK Group and Minerva Networks

Microsoft's Windows MediaT Technologies IP-based delivery systems for VOD

Middleware For Television Over IP Systems
by TANDBERG Television, Published: 30/07/02

"MoodT Live"
The MoodT Live streaming server is part of the Mood (Media Options on Demand) solution by streaming digital live TV broadcasts over IP-based broadband networks.

Premium VOD Channels for Digital Cable Television
Technology Backgrounder from ChaosMediaNetworks

PVRs and the Local TV Station
By Bill Niemeyer

"SeaChange VOD over IP"
The future of IP Video for Interactive Services - describes SeaChange's solution

"Ultra wideband over cable Technologies:Enhancing Cable Television Bandwidth Capacity Without Modification to Existing Infrastructure" 
White Paper from Pulse~Link

Ultra-Wideband Technology for Short- or Medium-Range Wireless Communications 
White Paper from Intel

"Using VDSL technology to the home"
TransAct Communications Project, Canberra, Australia 

Video-On-Demand: Tapping Deeper Wells
VOD Industry Backgrounder from ChaosMediaNetworks

VOD Market Snapshot 
From ChaosMediaNetworks

Video over DSL 
This whitepaper has been written by Irdeto Access, Instat/MDR, Pace, iMagicTV and others on the delivery of Video over DSL and other telco networks

"Video Over DSL Architecture" 
A technical paper from Alcatel

"Video on Demand"
Visionik Solution

"VOD Over IP" - White paper from Barconet
This paper describes technical issues about how video on demand services may be deployed over cable networks. Also describes Barconet's solution.

"Video over IP Box" 
Tivella's software solution in the set-top box for providing VOD over Ethernet

"Video over XDSL"
 Nextream's Solution

"VideoStorm - the Breakthough in Digtal Video Transport" 
By David Pecorella, Product Marketing Manager at Artel Video Systems, Inc.

"Video, Voice and Data Become Reality-Over One Pipe" - Case study from Competisys and Minerva Networks

MPEG4 Solutions


MPEG-4 Industry Forum

Presentations from the Workshop and Exhibition on MPEG4 June, 2002 
Organised by the MPEG4 Industry Forum

Tutorial on MPEG-4 Standard

Home Gateway/Server

Media/Entertainment Gateway, Intel Developer Conference, August 2001 - White Paper


The Costs of MHP in television receivers - a white paper 
By Philips, Sony, Panasonic and Nokia

Download: Activating Interactive TV by Gerald M. Walker
A technical review of Interactive TV


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