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New Directory Entries March 2011

pjb Associates has teamed up with Ideya Business & Marketing Consultancy Ltd to provide market research and advisory support to companies exploring Social Media Monitoring (SMM) technologies and guide them in the selection and use of SMM tools based on needs and budget.

The rapid proliferation of social media networks and online communication has dramatically changed the world of traditional marketing, market research, PR, advertising, customer services, and even innovation. This has presented many challenges, but also opportunities for many businesses. Millions of consumers use Social Media every day to openly explore purchasing decisions, share their questions, likes and concerns around issues, brands and companies, as well as influencing others.

To respond and capitalize on this trend, companies are increasingly investing in social media programmes and experimenting with SMM tools and services to monitor and solicit public opinion about their brand and products, shape their online presence and develop strategies to harness this new social paradigm.  

Although the SMM market is still in its infancy, new tools and services are emerging continually, whilst established SMM companies are frequently improving their products by introducing new features to accommodate their clients’ needs.

In 2010, Ideya Ltd. produced the first fully comprehensive view of the social media monitoring market and product offerings by providing detailed profiles of 281 SMM tools and services. This includes key product features, pricing and contact information - enabling readers to master SMM concepts and select a solution that is most appropriate for their needs and budget. 

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