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Recruitment Services

Personalised TV, IPTV, Broadband TV, Mobile TV

Driving personalisation in the home, work and on the move

We offer a worldwide specialised recruitment service for individuals seeking long and short term employment and companies looking for people in the areas of: -

    Broadband TV

    IPTV and Cable TV

    Personalised Advertising

    Mobile TV

    Location-based personalised mobile content

    Personalised Content Management


    Project Management & Marketing Services

Candidates seeking employment
If you are seeking employment in any of these areas and wish to become one of our candidates please email us your CV in a Word or RTF format giving us details of your areas of expertise that you have and type of work you are seeking, languages that you are able to work in and whether you wish to work in your own location remotely and/or whether you are able to work in another location. Look at our standard format for CVs.

Employers seeking candidates
If you are seeking employees for your business and would like to become one of our clients please contact us to discuss your needs on Tel +44 1353 667973 or email us at pjb@pjb.co.uk  Please see our terms and conditions for such a service.

Available candidates

TV Producer, Production manager and Networker

Interactive TV Professional

Interim Programme Manager

Senior Manager (Former CTO and CEO)

Digital Convergence Specialist

Customer services/first level technical support

Designer/Interactive Developer/Content Asset Manager

Please email us if you want to join our mailing list and be kept informed as to who we have available.


Last updated 23 January 2006