Nexworking - (next networking) is the creation of value-added services through the convergence of networks to develop personalised experiences.

Nexworking involves the convergence of the Internet, computer networks, TV broadcast networks through IPTV, mobile telecom networks with human networks, social networks, knowledge networks and the utilisation of podcasting, blogging, wikis - all "mashed-up" - but resulting in services that are of real value to individuals within specific communities of interest and communities of practice.

Critical to services created through nexworking is that they save people time. In fact it has been suggested that the convergence of information, communications and media technologies is resulting a new industry - the Time Industry - where industry competes for people's time. The winners are those that successfully provide people with what they want, when they want,(anytime, anywhere) but also in a format that saves people's time.

We are currently developing ideas and business models around this concept. Please contact Peter Bates on +44 1353 667973 or

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We are also looking at Nexworking for learning for utilising these developments for creating a more individualised or personalised learning experiences.


Last updated 09 February 2010