Miss World TV - Case Study

The world’s longest running beauty pageant – Miss World – started in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations. Each year the Grand Final of the contest attracts more than two billion viewers on broadcast TV worldwide. It is only superseded by the Olympics and the football World Cup.

However, the run-up to the Grand Final lasts for nearly a month, featuring a number of events that tend not to be broadcast on TV. In addition, a strong ethos within the Miss World Organisation (MWO) is the theme of “Beauty with a Purpose” – where all the contestants carry out various charitable activities throughout the year of their reign. More than 400 million US dollars has been raised for Children’s charities throughout the world over the last 25 years.

Miss World Home Page

Keen to utilise the rapidly developing new opportunities created through widespread global access to the broadband Internet, the MWO entered into a partnership with Internet Television Productions Ltd to establish a new website that incorporates Miss World TV, enabling millions of followers to watch the build up to the Grand Final. Miss World TV contained hours of unseen full screen streaming video from the various events that lead up to the 2007 Grand Final. During the build up to the 2008 Grand Final in South Africa in December, there are plans for new video content to be added almost on a daily basis. Some content is free to view whilst other content is accessible through Miss World TV by paying a subscription or a pay-per-view basis.

Miss World TV – quarter screen extendable to full screen

Under a consultancy contract, pjb Associates worked with this joint venture consisting of Internet Television Productions Ltd and the Miss World Organisation to develop and manage the website that consisted of streaming video as a scheduled TV channel and also on-demand video. In addition, the Miss World Shop was also established to sell various souvenir brochures and posters. The shop is also used to pay for viewing Miss World TV video content. A customer support help desk and the customer management services facility was also established for this global community of interest.

The Internet TV Service, the e-shop and customer help desk and management system was established by working with third party partner companies and through the integration of various software tools.

Miss World e-shop


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Last updated 12 November 2008