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Eriksson - From e-learning to m-learning supported by the Leonardo Da Vinci programme of the European Union

EU 2.5-3G Mobile Applications and Services Initiative

Personal Digital Assistants Constituent Group

(Italy) netikos
Mobile news service with newsletter subscription service

(UK) e-fro
Developing the Communities of Wales through wireless broadband

the leading wireless email solution for mobile professionals, which includes software, airtime and choice of wireless handhelds to provide easy access to  email .

(US) IPWireless
Groundbreaking Advanced 3G Broadband solution.

(US) Learning Circuits
Ongoing updates on m-learning developments

(US) ritemail
The industry’s first mobile, multi-platform, interactive handwritten email application and service. 

(US) Wave Wireless
Provides high-performance broadband wireless solutions specifically designed for building-to-building LAN connectivity and wireless Internet distribution.

(US) Wireless Generation
Creates innovative educational software for new generation of mobile devices

Wireless Developer Network (USA)

Mobile Data Association (UK)

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