Useful Papers and Articles

What Can You Learn From a Cell Phone?  Almost Anything!, (June 2005)
Marc Prensky

Commercial Use of Mobile, Personalised Location-Based Services
by Michalis Karagiozidis, Yannis Markoulidakis, Speros Velentzas and Tuomo Kauranne

Mobile Learning in Denmark's Rail Industry (21 November 2003)
by Eilif Trondsen, SRI-BI

Evaluating the development of wearable devices, personal data assistants and the use of other mobile devices in further and higher education institutions by S. de Freitas and M. Levene, Birkbeck College, University of London (June 2003)

Pedagogical Advantages of Ubiquitous Computing in a Wireless Environment by by Susana M. Sotillo (May/June 2003)

Mobile gadgets offer new lessons (28 May 2003)
BBC News - article about the m-learning project

Handheld PCs tested in Chilean high schools (undated)

CHIMER: Children's Heritage Interactive Models for Evolving Repositories
by Daniel Weiss, November 2002

Flexible Learning: Mobile Learning Objects - white paper from Knowledge anywhere (20 November 2002)

The brave new world of wireless technologies: A primer for educators G.L. Boerner (2002).

Campus-Wide Wireless: Mobility and Convergence: an interview with Lawrence M. Levine (2002)

ts GR82learn! (undated)
by Jill Attewell, Research Manager for Learning Technologies at the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA), and co-ordinator of the m-learning project

The dawn of a new era for mobile and ambient learning (undated)
by Giorgio Da Bormida, EC Projects Manager of GIUNTI Ilabs and project director of MOBIlearn

Mobile learning: a tool for inclusion (undated)
by Terry Keefe,
Ufi Ltd.

Success Stories using a Palm

Technology Watch Research Report (October 2002) UltraLab
Mobile communications technologies for young adult learning and skills development

xTask - learning environment in your pocket

Choosing a PalmOS Computer (June 2002)

Wireless Learning/ Mobile Learning/ M-Learning (10th June 2002)
by Graeme Daniel and Kevin Cox

Mobile Computing for Teaching and Learning at Wake Forest - What Are the Critical Infrastructure Services? (May 2002)
by David G. Brown and Jay Dominick of Wake Forest University 

Project Numina describes a totally wireless campus (2002)

High-Resolution Electronic Ink Displays for Smart Handheld Devices (2002)

Towards a Philosophy of M-Learning 
Kristf Nyri (2002)

Going Mobile - Article with section on m-learning Forum (Jan 2002)

How to Use a Rubric for Implementing Handheld Computers: A Tool for Educational Leaders 
by David Pownell and Gerald D. Bailey (2001)

Interactive TV & Mobile learning Event - Brochure
(Oct-Nov 2001)

Handheld Computing: New Best Tech Tool
Or Just a Fad?
(Sept 2001)

The Revolution Will Be Wireless (Sept 2001)

Goin' Mobile (July 2001)

"If You Build It Will They Come" Distance Learning through Wireless Devices (July 2001)

Case Study: Combining Web and WAP to Deliver E-Learning (July 2001)

When e-learning becomes m-learning (June 2001)

Teaching and Learning in the Wireless Classroom by Paul G. Shotsberger and Ron Vetter University of North Carolina at Wilmington (March 2001)

High-Speed Text Entry for Handhelds (13 February 2001)

More companies making inroads into m-learning (7 February 2001)

What's the future for 'm-learning'? (12 January 2001)

Mobile Learning Explorations at The Stanford Learning Lab (8 January 2001)

Wireless Learning in Your Palm (28 December 2000)

E-learning Experiences - A new buzzword: m-learning (2000)

mlearning: mobile wireless, In-your-pocket learning (Fall 2000)

The Future of Handheld Computers in Education: A conversation with Palm, Inc. The Concord Consortium,  Lorion, M. & Staudt, C. (Fall 2000)

m-learning Guide for IT students (30 October 2000)

GPRS Wins Converts in High-Speed Wireless Market (29 September 2000)

Wireless 3G: The Future of Wireless (30 June 2000)

Mobile Multimedia Systems. 
Ph.D. thesis, Havinga, P. J. M., University of Twente. (February 2000). 

New directions in the evaluation of the effectiveness of educational technology. The Secretary's Conference on Educational Technology, Heinecke, W. F., Blasi, L., Milman, N., & Washington, L. [Online].(1999)

Designing Handheld Technologies for Kids. Personal Technologies Journal, 3 (1&2), pp. 81-89.Inkpen, Kori M. (1999).

Teaching and Learning with Palm Handhelds

Get Ready for M-Learning (undated)

The Mobile Learning Era - some facts (undated)

Why use a mobile learning network? (undated)

m-learning (undated)

M is for Maybe (undated)

Various presentations from the CITI Conference "Mass Media Content for Wireless Communications"

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