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Table of Contents                                     Author  Peter Bates

Focus of the Forum

To encourage new business opportunities and stimulate mobile learning products and services within the overall Learning Business.

To create new opportunities for widening access to learning in order to reduce social exclusion and opportunities for the continuous up-skilling of the workforce in order to maintain competitiveness.

Focus of the Forum

To create networking opportunities that would hopefully stimulate new business from creative ideas. It will also explore the issues and opportunities created for the personalisation of learning accessible through a personal handheld device.

Focus of the Forum

To assist in helping companies better understand the wide variety of needs of learners in order to develop the most appropriate tools to meet their needs at a cost that can enable widespread usage.

Focus of the Forum

It’s all about Networking!!!

Running the Forum

Critical – it should be demand led!

Not supply driven!!

Activities and Services

Face-face-human networking seminars

Discounts on Forum meetings

Discounts on other events

Regular email newsletter

Regular news-clips service

Web site – with resources database

Basic advice/support contacts service

Online discussion Forum (planned)

Additional value-added services (e.g. Executive Reports)

Structure of Forum membership

Membership – open to organisations, department/cost centre and individuals

But no formal committee-like membership structure

Forum will operate under the umbrella of pjb Associates at least for first year

Membership Fee

470 Euro + VAT normal membership

290 Euro + VAT for non profit organisations

t-learning Study

Learning through interactive digital TV and other related consumer devices in the home (excludes an Internet-enabled PC)

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                Last updated 30 April 2004