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Here are some articles and papers we have found about the long tail. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all the links are still working.

Long Tail Interview with Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief, Wired Magazine - a podcast on, 14 June 2005

"Who says TV has to come in 30-minute multiples?" by Chris Anderson, 30 May 2005

"Hyperdistribution" by Mark Pesce, 13 May 2005

"The Long Tail of TV and coming IP TV Revolution", by Matt Haughey, PVRblog, 12 April 2005

"Marketing in a 'Long Tail' World" by Pamela Parker, ClickZ Network 18 February 2005

 "Broaden Your Life" Michiel Pelt, Alcatel Research & Innovation NEM Workshop 3 December 2004

 "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine, October 2004

Please let us know if you have or have found any other related articles and papers.

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