Companies and other organisations involved in games development

Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA)
A non-profit, international association of academics and practitioners whose work focuses on digital games and associated activities.

A game development company based in New York City<USA

Game Research
Aims to bring together knowledge on computer games from the areas of art, business, and science. Traditionally such cross-communication has been sparse to the detriment of all involved.

The company focuses on using the game-based learning approach for corporate training. Its goal is to foster the ability to marry the fun of playing a video or computer game together with the information needed to accomplish training objectives, getting away from the traditional "tell-test" method of learning and focusing on question-led or task-led game-based learning. Clients include Manhattan, American Express, IBM, Reuters, and Bankers Trust.

Creator of Strategy Co-Pilot, a simulation game with an excellent coaching feature, UK-based Imparta combines sophisticated computer game technology and artificial intelligence with leading-edge business content. The programs are developed in conjunction with major international companies and allow managers to develop business skills through accelerated experience in a highly realistic setting. The software can be used for self-paced learning, or integrated into facilitated workshops that apply the learning to real-life problem solving.

International Game Developers Association

Knowledge Dynamics
Knowledge Dynamics is a developer, consultant, and tool provider for advanced training simulations, integrated performance support applications, and entertainment applications. The suite of tools is based on open standards for Web-based and stand-alone delivery.

MÄK Technologies
MÄK Technologies is a leading provider of simulation networking software, covering aspects of distributed simulation, from Web-based training to computer-generated forces. MÄK offers a full suite of commercial, off-the-shelf products including the best-selling VR-Link simulator networking toolkit and VR-Forces, a flexible toolkit for creating AI controlled virtual players. MÄK extends beyond commercial software to customized low-cost training games using low-cost PCs, the power of Internet technology and the interaction of video games to teach decision-making, reinforce team-tactics, and perform mission rehearsal. MÄK's worldwide defense customers include Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, Alenia Marconi Systems, and Mitsubishi.

Management Possible
The company offers management-skills training immersed in a spy game. Course material is taught as the user navigates the game. The user becomes a secret agent who must successfully complete a mission by learning, integrating, and applying management skills, thereby saving the mythical Nohital Corporation and defeating the evil Hand of Chaos. Users improve management skills while impressing colleagues with an agile spy persona and awesome, evil-killing knowledge put to the task. Competencies can also be taught by live instructors in intensive 2- to 3-day modules and can include coaching tutorials.

The Masie Center
The Masie Center is an international e-lab and think tank dedicated to exploring the intersection of learning and technology. It is focused on these key areas: how people and organizations leverage technology as a tool for learning, knowledge, and performance; the best practices for implementing e-learning and other models of digital collaboration; exploring the behavioural and cultural assumptions behind learning; changes around the globe; how organizations absorb technology into their culture; how technology works from a behavioural point of view. The company offers keynote presentations and consulting services for organizations that are either implementing new learning solutions or companies that are developing/refining products for the learning marketplace.

A brand of Electronic Arts, Maxis gives the user the ability to create - virtually - a home, furnishings, family, and career. The Sims has an established community that shares some of their creations, from love stories to dysfunctional diaries. From the makers of SimCity, this simulation focuses on controlling people instead of cities. As stated in a review by USA Today, "We have met 'the Sims,' and they are us."

MBA Games
A specialist in interactive management development and training games, simulations, and scenarios for executive development played on the web, MBA Games provides a choice of three management skills and management training games - Conglomerate, Team Leadership, and Test Your Management Skills.

Monte Cristo
Most notable in terms of learning simulations from Monte Cristo is Gadget Tycoon, which allows the user to start a company with research, manufacturing, marketing, and administration departments. The product is expected to launch by the end of 2001.

Ninth House Networks
Ninth House Network is a broadband multimedia-learning network providing online business skills and learning programs to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. It currently offers six online learning channels accessible from the corporate desktop: leadership, management, team effectiveness, communication, project management, and business essentials, each of which includes various courses on the topic. Ninth House creates personalized, highly interactive, and cinematic learning experiences using teaching techniques such as story telling, role-playing, simulations, complex behavioral modeling, streamed videos, personalized mentor reinforcement, and case studies. Major clients include Hewlett Packard, Intel, TechData, First Union National Bank, Texaco, Black & Decker, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, MediaOne, U.S. Navy, the State of New Mexico, Software Spectrum, Excite@Home, ConEdison, Insight Direct, and the U.S. Department of Justice

SimuLearn offers the design and creation of simulation software for teaching business soft skills. SimuLearn has created an engaging, experiential simulation that transforms traditional e-learning methods. The user "attends" meetings with staff and bosses and many factors determine the relationships and levels of success.

Star Chefs
Targeting tech-savvy Generations X and Y, Star Chefs offers a distance-learning program for hospitality and foodservice operators enhanced with numerous game-based models and simulations focusing on three areas: food safety, restaurant profitability, and sexual harassment. Clients include American Express, Maytag, and Evian.

TeleBeans, a bioscience e-learning company, is in the production phase of NanoWorld, an e-learning game that will teach protein science from beginner to professional levels.

think3 Educational Grant Program
Think3, is an upstart design software company which, like Star Chefs, is targeting younger users to its 3D software. Central to the company's strategy is The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy, an intergalactic game-based learning tutorial where in order to beat the evil Dr. Monkey Wrench, players must progressively learn and use advanced 3-D design skills. To evangelize 3-D, think3 also launched an educational grant program to establish 3-D game-based learning labs in schools and universities. The plan is to convert design students into "Monkey Wrenchers," so they're more likely to remain loyal to think3 software when they advance into professional careers.

Transmedia, Inc.
TransMedia develops computerized courtroom simulations designed for trial attorneys and approved for CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credit in 18 states. TransMedia offers the popular trial skill games Objection! as well as the following: Civil Objection! Autoneg; Civil Objection! SlipFall; and Expert Witness!. TransMedia provides users with engaging learning programs that are designed to sharpen evidentiary skills and expand working knowledge of the rules of evidence.

Visual Purple
Creators of Angel Five and other video-based simulation training games for the government and military, Visual Purple's interactive simulations sport comprehensive support materials and user-determined decision points affecting the outcome of the story line -- all within a randomized, dynamic construct. Since its inception in 1997, Visual Purple has primarily focused on United States government clients (Defense and Justice departments). The company's future growth additionally targets corporate and consumer markets in 2000, offering Advanced Distance Learning solutions using the Application Service Provider model: hosting, maintaining and managing access to clients' training applications over secured networks.

WILL Interactive
WILL Interactive produces and distributes interactive movie virtual experience software for training, education, entertainment, and lifestyle decision-making. Products are deliverable via Internet/Intranet, CD-ROM, DVD, and interactive television.

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