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An Intro to Online Training Games
By James Kirk and Robert Belovics in Learning Circuits, April 2004

Teams rise to the design challenge
It took just three days in hothouse conditions for nine teams of teachers, students and graduates to invent their own computer games for schools. By Julie Nightingale, The Guardian 9 March 2004

Thoughts on learning in games and designing educational computer games
By Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, PhD student IT-University Copenhagen, Denmark Co-founder Game-Research

What is the educational value of computer and video games?
Becta ICT advice

Process, Truth and Consequence; informal reflections on a year of research into games, game communities and higher education
By Michael Begg, presented at “Digital Games in Learning” in Edinburgh, 2004

Theoretical Underpinnings to Games2train's Approach
by Michal Spectre and Marc Prensky  

Computer Games and Learning
Why do we think it's worth talking about computer games and learning in the same breath? by Keri Facer, Head of Learning Research, NESTA Futurelab

Accessing games through sound, motion and emotion
by Ben Williamson, Learning Researcher, NESTA Futurelab

Hit for big game hunters
An article about Virtual reality teaching by using educational games by Jerome Monahan 18 November 2003

Digital Game Based Learning & Simulations
By Paul Stacey, 5 September 2003

Business Simulation Executive Summary
From Knowledge Dynamics
Early adopters of Business Simulation are using it primarily to enable strategic change. Business Simulation applications immerse the student in a simulated environment where he or she can practice tasks to master skills and gain understanding. Numerous studies have shown that the learner will achieve higher degrees of retention and cognition than by other methods of instruction.

Game-Based E-Learning Gets Real
From Learning Circuits
Trainers, facilitators, e-learning designers, and others engaged in knowledge development could take a lesson from the computer games industry. Gaming shows us that long, traditionally tedious, and difficult tasks can be engaging and fun when they're part of a good story.

True Believers: Digital Game-Based Learning in the Military
From Learning Circuits
The military has embraced digital game-based learning with all the fervor of true believers because it works for them. And those in charge of training at the Pentagon are a very sharp group. They have seen and evaluated everything.

Games e-learners play
From Fasttrak Consulting
In this article, Clive Shepherd argues the case for simulations and games as engaging, life-like and highly interactive learning activities capable of providing the foundation for second-generation e-learning products that really deliver on the hype.

Theoretical Underpinnings of games2train's Philosophy
From Games2Train
This article discusses the academic and theoretical underpinnings of the approaches used by The company marries computer games and educational content into a new "Nintendo Generation" approach to learning. designs business training solutions in the form of computer and Web-based business training games and game templates. The underlying principle is that students learn better when they are having fun and are engaged in the learning process.

Games and Simulations in Workplace e-Learning Thesis
From Norwegian University of Science and Technology
The Internet is becoming natural and necessary for corporations as an efficient way of communicating with a geographically dispersed workforce. E-learning will reduce travel expenses and the time needed to roll out training programs. However, content is often text-heavy with weak interactivity and many users find e-learning boring. This thesis is written based on a hypothesis that the use of games and simulations is one way of making e-learning engaging.

Computer Games as a Learning Resource
From University of Natal biology Department The goals of this project were to: determine the types of games enjoyed by first- and second-year biology students; evaluate student opinions regarding computer games; develop a game based on criteria identified by students; and assess the role that such a game could play in teaching undergraduate students. This paper is an overview of this project.

Digital Game-Based Learning Transforms Military Training
From e-learning Magazine
In this interview, Marc Prensky, the founder, president and chief creative officer of and Corporate Gameware LLC, spoke about digital game-based learning and its role in the military.

Marines Learn at the Speed of Doom
From Learning Circuits
In addition to allowing its officers and enlisted to play certain military-related commercial computer games on base computers, the Marines have also been busy creating some training games of their own. Using a version of the commercial game DOOM, adapted with the help of Lieutenant Scott Barnett, Marine fire teams have been training at computer labs in Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina, learning battlefield tactics and decision-making.

Video Gaming, Education and Digital Learning Technologies
By John Kirriemuir, D-Lib Magazine, February 2002


True Believers: Digital Game-Based Learning in the Military
By Marc Prensky, in Learning Circuits, February 2001

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