Engaging Viewers with Clickable
Video Hotspots

Stop just watching, start interacting
 - a radical new way to monetise and engage with video

pjb Associates has teamed up with a new San Francisco based start-up company that is focusing on interactive audience measurement, specializing in video encoding and analytics.

It has developed tools for content owners and advertisers to both monetize online content and increase consumer engagement for content owners and advertisers. By giving consumers a way to explore the video content they watch, and by helping content owners and advertisers monetize content and see deeper into consumer/video engagement. It is mapping the future of the online video economy.




Key features: -

Clickable video - presenting the viewer with additional information about products, people and places.

"Click to Buy" Product Placement - clicking on a product within a video presents the viewer with more information and links to an online shop where the product can be bought.

Viral Marketing of video and associated Product Placement through email.

Embed Video in website and comment on video within a community.  

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Last updated 11 December 2009