Digital TV to Personalised TV


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Table of Contents

Digital TV to Personalised TV

European Commission Study

Presentation Format


Digital Broadcasting Services

Data broadcasting

Digital Radio

Digital TV - advantages to consumer

Digital TV - advantages to government

Digital TV - advantages to manufacturers

Digital TV - advantages to service providers

Digital TV - accessibility

Digital Satellite

Digital Terrestrial

Digital Cable

Web via TV

Key Issue - Market Drivers

Digital TV Interactivity

Interactive Services via TV

He e

He e

Prospects for digital TV learning services within EU

Let’s go Technical!!

Accessing Digital TV

Set-top box

Set-top box - differences

Conditional Access

Different Conditional Access (CA) Systems



Application Programme Interface (API)

API’s in UK

Standardisation Issues

Digital Video Broadcasting

Multimedia Home Platform (MHP)

Types of interactivity

Types of interactivity cont.

Conclusions - digital TV

Conclusions - digital TV cont.

Conclusions - digital TV cont.

Conclusions - digital TV cont.

Conclusions - digital TV cont.

Conclusions - digital TV cont.

Towards Personalised TV

Personal TV - server solutions

Examples of Personal TV - server solutions

Personal TV Characteristics

Personal TV - standards

Microsoft TV Platform

Video Servers

Personal TV - client-based solutions

Digital Video Recorders - characteristics

Issues still to be resolved


Further study


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Author: Peter J. Bates


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