Domestic Interactive Telematic Education & Learning

DOMITEL aims to develop and to demonstrate a supporting telematic learning environment for home learners, using interactive cable television. It has the overall aim to facilitate access to learning and training for large groups of home learners, in particular those that now have limited access. It is planned to develop demonstrations in the first two years.

In Amsterdam there will be an "inburgerings course for new immigrants using video-on-demand and interactive teletext. In Dublin and Knocklyn, Ireland a "Returning to Learning" course will be developed for people who want to return to learning especially for women and the unemployed. It will use video delivery with interactivity via a local area network overlay on the cable and using a courseware delivery system (WEST) on the Internet.

An "English as a Second Language" course for women of Asian extraction will use interactive videotex for feedback facilities for learning at home. There will also be live two-way tutorials via two-way CATV made available in the first stage in community centre/public library settings in Birmingham, UK. A live "Enterprise Forum course for Professional Development" and a pre-recorded "Lifelong Learning Course" for unemployed graduated engineers using several feed-back tools will be developed in Lahti, Finland.

All these projects will aim to show the viability of interactive cable television (ICATV) for home learning The project will also explore the possibilities for the development of applications that can be shared between European countries. In addition it will also involve the development of more advanced applications which will be ready for demonstration after the first two years.

DOMITEL is one of the thirty projects which has been approved under the new EU Telematics Applications for Education and Training. As soon as more information becomes available details of the other projects will be mentioned in this newsletter and put on the LearnTel WWW Site. Project co-ordinators are invited to send details of their project in an electronic format to LearnTel.

For more information about the DOMITEL Project contact:
Jane Holmes and Felix van Ryn, DOMITEL, Hogesschool van Amsterdam - Faculteit Onderwijs en Opvoeding, Postbus 94014 - 1090 GA Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Tel +31 20 599 55 13
Fax +31 20 599 57 71

Issue 7 "Learning in a Global Information Society" 25 March 1997