Charles Dickens on the Internet

The Chatback Trust are very pleased to welcome this popular author Charles Dickens as moderator of our literary project. He will answer questions about his life and work in the London of Queen Victoria’s time, first as a young reporter and then as the famous writer of many well-known books with their memorable characters who were often based on real people that he knew. "Victorian Lives and Letters" is one of a number of projects offered by the Trust for schools on the Internet anywhere in the world.

Many of the young people who lived in the year 1945 and the last years of World War Two are still alive and available to share the experiences of their everyday life in the year 1945. Collectively, they are a living history book. The Trust has brought them together a number of them together via the Internet and they are now available to share their experiences to any young people throughout the world. "Memories of 1945" is not a project with a start date and a stop date - it is a resource that teachers can plan for and use in their classroom whenever they wish.

The Chatback Trust which was set up in 1986 to provide an electronic mail (email) facility for up to 100 schools in the UK and abroad. Most are special schools, all cater for children who have some mental or physical difficulty with communicating. There are now electronic links with children in Estonia, Japan, Argentina, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Canada, Poland, and even a special school in Novosibirsk in Siberia. The project encourages young people to correspond with each other for social interaction and, where a curriculum is being followed, for work on classroom subjects.

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Issue 5 "Learning in a Global Information Society" 20 September 1995