About the TeleLearn Project

by Peter J. Bates,
pjb Associates, UK

The TeleLearn Project is an observatory for the collection and collation of resources relating to costing issues concerning the introduction of telematic-based lifelong learning into vocational training and adult education. The project will consist of a preparatory stage towards the development of decision-making/costing analysis tools to aid policy makers and managers introduce telematic-based lifelong learning into vocational training and adult education.

The work involves:

  1. collecting together research work that has been conducted on costing issues.

  2. identifying the key factors which are leading towards sustainable and scaleable telematic-based learning services in vocational training and adult education.

  3. Identifying existing projects and sustainable uses of telematic-based learning in the vocational training and adult education areas, in order to collect data on cost and related issues and convert them into case studies.

  4. creating a European-wide "community of interest" and online discussion group to stimulate further interest, understanding and research in this area.


  1. Where permission is granted all the resources will be held on the world wide web (WWW) to enable them to be more easily acceptable. This will create an "added value" common resource base on costing issues in telematic-based learning from across Europe and other parts of the world. This resource base will be regularly added to throughout the two year period. English will be used as the common language but original articles may be posted on the WWW in their native language with an English abstract.

  2. At the end of the project a text-based report will be produced consisting of a series of case studies and other materials concerning the costing issues surrounding the introduction of telematics-based learning in vocational training and adult education.

  3. Diffusion and dissemination of interesting observations will take place throughout the project through appropriate channels like presentations at workshops and publications of articles in the newsletter "Learning in a Global Information Society" and other publications.

Projects Partners

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Issue 14&15 "Learning in a Global Information Society" 31 January 1998