Flexible Learning on the Information SuperHighway

In 1997 the FLISH theme has broadened to include not just the best of the "traditional" teaching uses of the Internet (computer conferencing and the Web) but real-time audio and video services (RealVideo etc), and the new fusion of multimedia, computer-based training and the Internet (such as Virtual-U and TopClass).

Most of the speakers have featured in articles in recent editions of this newsletter. They have been carefully selected to represent "best of breed" in what is going on world-wide in this area.

The Speakers

Linda Harasim, Simon Fraser University - Head of the Virtual-U project and of the TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence (the Canadian equivalent of the European Union’s "Telematics for Learning" programme in Fourth Framework). See http://virtual-u.cs.sfu.ca/VLEI/about.html and the article in this issue.

Betty Collis, University of Twente, Netherlands - a top educational technologist and author of an "exemplar" WWW-based course (on educational technology). See http://www.to.utwente.nl/user/ism/collis/home.htm.

Robin Mason, Institute of Educational Technology, Open University - talking on "Global Education" - many people consider her the world expert on the evaluation of computer conferencing use in education. See her pages on http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/staff/robinm/GlobalEdu.html.

Leo Reif, Deutsche Telekom "Global Learning Network" - also known for his success in several EU DELTA projects including MTS. See http://www.globallearning.de.

Scott Welch, CEO of SoftArc, Canada - the developers of FirstClass, said to be "the most popular computer conferencing system in education". See http://www.softarc.com.

John Beyer, Progressive Networks, Seattle, USA - the developers of RealAudio (and RealVideo), as used by universities around the world. See http://brinkley.prognet.com/prognet/.

Terri Taylor Straut, the Director of University of Colorado Online, who describe themselves as "the first full-service online university in the world". See http://www.cuonline.edu.

Mike Scott, University of Maine, who has run computer conferencning in a large on-campus situation longer than perhaps anyone else in the world. See http://inferno.asap.um.maine.edu/fc/fcstaff.html.

Jim Sigman, RealEducation, USA - who in true marketing style has coined the slogan "we build online campuses - can we build one for you?" His company will feature in Part 3 of our series on Virtual Universities. See http://www.realeducation.com.

Gary Alexander, Open University, developer of perhaps the first online course using FirstClass (in the JANUS project) - on his new Renewable Energy course developed for the EU’s Cafe Mondial project. See http://cafe-mondial.open.ac.uk.

Dick Davies, Mercury, an expert analyst of trends in online corporate training and one of the gurus behind the EU ACTS/MTS projects. He is also on the steering committee of the Online Educa conferences - see http://www.online-educa.com.

Allan Norcliffe, Sheffield Hallam University, talking about W.I.S.D.E.N., one of the best-known development projects of the UK’s Teaching & Learning Technology Programme. See http://www.shu.ac.uk/schools/cms/wisden/wisden.htm.

George van der Perre of EuroPACE - "a European Virtual University" which has been operating for several years. See http://www.europace.be/.

Dennis Jennings of WBTSystems, developers of TopClass for WWW. See http://www.wbtsystems.com and the article in this issue.

There will be two 1-day events on Wednesday May 21 on topics related to the conference. Admission to these is free for FLISH97 delegates. These are:

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Issue 13 "Learning in a Global Information Society" 25 April 1997